About My Work

All my work is created through the painstaking application of digital techniques to photographs I have taken myself. With very few exceptions, each piece incorporates many hundreds of layers of photographic fragments, seamlessly merged into a single, very high resolution image that can be printed to virtually any size on almost any material.

Some are like painting, only instead of making marks with paint, I apply and blend layer upon layer of photographs I have taken specifically for that purpose, often too small to be visible to the naked eye.

Some are more akin to photomontage, 'cutting up' the hundreds or even thousands of photographs I have taken of my subject matter from different vantage points and 'stitching' them together into a seamless whole.

I relish most the challenges of working to commission, creating site-specific artworks for businesses, organisations, and private individuals. I specialise in creating large scale artworks that resond to and represent in a creative way a particular place or space and the activities that occur within it, but I am happy to work to any scale with virtually any subject matter which relates to nature of the business or organisation, or the interests of the commissioner.